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Boulder attorney urges some medical marijuana shops to move

Boulder attorney urges some medical marijuana shops to move
*Locations are based on the most recent city of Boulder medical marijuana business licenses. Some locations may have a business license but are not in operation. A Boulder attorney who specializes in medical marijuana is urging dispensaries in the city
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Medical marijuana activists hope to put pressure on Obama
But the activists especially hope to make a mark in Colorado, where tens of thousands of medical-marijuana patients and hundreds of dispensaries mean there is an obvious constituency. The presidential race in Colorado, Vicente said,
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Banking for pot shops rejected in Colorado
Ed Andrieski | The Associated PressAP By Kristen Wyatt The Associated Press DENVER — Medical marijuana is legal in 17 states, but the industry has a decidedly black-market aspect — it's mostly cash-only. Colorado lawmakers considered a bill setting
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Congressman Polis’ Grills Attorney General Holder About Fed’s Medical Marijuana Policies

Update: Huffington Post article and C-Span video.

I’ve spoken to two reporters today inquiring about Colorado Congressman Jared Polis’ medical cannabis-related questions to Attorney General Holder at a congressional committee hearing that was otherwise a ‘bloodbath’ for Holder—getting grilled about the guns and Mexico fiasco—when Polis, who is not a member of the Judiciary Committee, was allowed to ask Holder two questions about medical cannabis enforcement.

Generally written…

Polis first wanted assurances that Colorado’s medical cannabis dispensaries/cultivation centers compliant with state laws—unlike California’s medical cannabis businesses that are not regulated by the state—are not a Department of Justice (DOJ) target. Holder affirmed the basic tenets of the previous Ogden and Cole memos, and wouldn’t provide assurances, but, re-iterated the DOJ stance that enforcing medical cannabis laws, notably in a state like Colorado with its rules and regulations, and with limited federal resources at hand, is a low law DOJ enforcement priority.

The second Polis question was about banking and medical cannabis businesses in Colorado, where he pushed Holder to acknowledge that the DOJ is not placing a priority on interfering with state compliant medical cannabis businesses and banking concerns.

I assume there will be news and industry coverage later today and tomorrow about this unexpected, but informative exchange between Representative Polis and Attorney General Holder.

NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Law Destroyed by Dow-Baby Attorney General

Michigan Medical Marijuana Law Destroyed by Dow-Baby Attorney General
By Carl Adams, Cannabis Culture – Thursday, December 1 2011 CANNABIS CULTURE – Michigan's Attorney General Bill Schuette and his allies in the state legislature have gutted the state's medical marijuana program, forcing closure of most dispensaries and
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Introducing the New Face of the Medical Marijuana Industry
Up to this point, the websites that have been available have an abundance of information but are challenging to navigate. DOOBONS believes the medical community needs to see a much simpler format and user-friendly interface.
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‘Legalization Of Marijuana Is Needed To Increase Public Safety’ Fmr US Attorney John McKay

November 16, 2011 PBS News Hour MOXNews.com
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420 Attorney Tomas Dean ESQ Discusses Arizona Medical Marijuana Law Suit Phoenix NORML 9-23-2011

Listen up Caregivers and medical Marijuana patients, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has place our Medical Marijuana Dispensaries on hold, leaving my Arizona patients HIGH and DRY! Recently our Attorney General said NO compassionate clubs either, so whats a patient to do? The law suit filed in Arizona could effect Medical Marijuana laws across the entire United States. Check out the web site and blog for current cannabis, and medical marijuana news… Part 02: www.youtube.com azmmgablog.com http
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