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HIGH TIMES’ How To: Store Your Pot

HIGH TIMES Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko explains the basics of marijuana storage. Follow these guidelines and your pot will stay fresher longer.

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NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Los Angeles This Weekend

NSL Screen 300x200 NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Los Angeles This Weekend

NORML SHOW LIVE streams every weekday at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern on The NORML Network, where it's 4:20 / 24 / 7 / 365

If you’re not able to attend this weekend’s HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, here at The NORML Network we’ve got the next best thing.  Tune in Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 7pm Pacific Time at http://live.norml.org for all the panels, presentations, interviews, and floor tours from LA Center Studios.

We’ll also be presenting our “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” raffles.  At every 4:20 in America – Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska, and Hawaii Time – we’ll be raffling off a prize package of NORML buttons, stickers, pins, books, DVDs, t-shirts, and backpacks for those in attendance.  (That’s 1:20pm – 6:20pm Pacific.)  For those of you watching online, follow our NORML Network Twitter feed @NORMLNet for your chance to win, too.

If you miss the live coverage, video on-demand will be available at the http://live.norml.org over the weekend and permanently at our NORML Network YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/NORMLNet.

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HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Raided in Amsterdam

Early this morning, Dutch authorities raided the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.  UPDATE from HIGH TIMES Magazine:

According to representatives for HIGH TIMES magazine, sponsors of the 24th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, the event will continue tonight with a scheduled concert at the Melkweg concert hall (Lijnbaansgracht 234), followed by a full day of the expo (including voting) at the Borchland (Borchlandweg) on Thursday, the final day of the competition. An additional voting station will be set up starting at 2PM on Thursday at the Melkweg, which will remain open until the beginning of the official Cannabis Cup awards ceremony at 8PM. (read more)

Click here to view the embedded video.

According to the East Bay Express:

…police in Amsterdam are in the process of raiding the 24th annual High Times Cannabis Cup Expo. Possession of marijuana has been decriminalized in the Netherlands. But according to tweets on the scene, “everyone will have their buds confiscated, but no one will be charged or fined. This is the first time this has happened in 24 years.”

We broke the news on NORML SHOW LIVE this morning and spoke with Tim Martin of John Doe Radio, who has been in contact with numerous attendees in Amsterdam, including Scott from Rare Dankness Seeds, who called in live to the show (listen here).  According to Scott, much of the Dutch concern is over the concentrates – butane hash oil, for instance – that is considered a “hard drug” in Holland.

“They herded everybody toward one exit, like you’re getting on a ski lift at Vail… then one by one they had about 40 cops there for a little talk and search… People were dropping grams and grams of hash on the ground… baggies littering the floor… people were smoking it if you had it because you weren’t rolling out with it!”

According to Scott there has been one arrest of a vendor who was caught with a lot of “shake” (leaves and stems) which, according to Dutch law, are to be immediately disposed of.  Other reports indicate that there were checks of individuals to ensure they weren’t violating the 5-gram personal possession limit and checks of vendors for compliance with the 500-gram vendor possession limit.

It should be noted that none of this is precipitated by any change in Dutch law.  These limits on personal and vendor possession, disposal of trimmings, and prohibitions on cannabis concentrates have existed throughout the 24-year history of the Cannabis Cup.

What has changed is a new, more conservative government in the Netherlands that seeks to “send a message” about cannabis use.  They began with the closing of border coffee shops to all but Dutch, Belgian, and German passport holders, claiming that “foreign drug tourism” was leading to a host of social ills.

NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

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Sobriety High searches for road to recovery

Sobriety High searches for road to recovery
Maddy, a 16-year-old from Mounds View, began drinking, smoking marijuana and gobbling prescription drugs when she was 12. She said she used to be afraid to leave Arona Academy when the school day ended. "This school makes miracles happen," she said.
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Today in Music History – Nov. 9
In 1962, Motown Records released "You've Really Got a Hold On Me" by "The Miracles." In 1967, Roger McGuinn fired David Crosby from "The Byrds" following arguments over the group's musical direction. Crosby went on to stardom with "Stills,
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Arrest after remains of 28 horses found
"But like we witnessed with the phone calls, if everyone does just a small part miracles can happen." The foundation plans on foaling all the pregnant mares to ensure that each mare and foal receives the medical care and treatment they will need.
Read more on Horsetalk

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CA – New Medical Marijuana Strain High In CBD (Cannabidiol) Strips Away The Buzz (April, 2010)

default CA   New Medical Marijuana Strain High In CBD (Cannabidiol) Strips Away The Buzz (April, 2010)

A new strain of cannabis that contains low amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) allows patients to attain significant relief from illness while reducing intoxication. CBD has also been shown to slow, stop, and sometimes reverse the growth of tumors.
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High time: inside Amsterdam's 'coffee shops'

High time: inside Amsterdam's 'coffee shops'
They'll happily explain the difference between weed and hash, indica and satvia, hydro and bio, haze and kush, without making you feel like an idiot. Their brochure includes a list of tourist-friendly cafes in Amsterdam that have helpful staff and
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Nine arrested, 75 kilos marijuana seized in Halifax drug bust
In addition to seizing the marijuana, cocaine and money, officers gathered 2.5 kilograms of hash, 2 kilograms of hash oil and nine vehicles, including two BMWs and an Acura. Officers held an early afternoon press conference at the RCMP's Oxford Street
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Hart District Offers Webinar On Drug Awareness
Produced by Medtox Labratories, participants in this webinar will learn about THC (new high levels), Hashish, Hash oil, Synthetic Marijuana (Spice-K-2), Paraphernalia, Proposition 19, what's going on with the dispensaries, Medical Marijuana Cards,
Read more on KHTS Radio

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The Union – The Business Behind Getting High | Full Movie

The Union – The Business Behind Getting High Full Movie Buy the DVD here: www.theunionmovie.com I am not the creator. Please support the creator by buying a copy to send to your member of parliament or congressman/woman or whatever it is in your government system. The best marijuana documentary to date! This is the full version. BC’s illegal marijuana trade industry has evolved into a business giant, dubbed by some involved as ‘The Union’, Commanding upwards of billion Canadian annually. With up to 85% of ‘BC Bud’ being exported to the United States, the trade has become an international issue. Follow filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he demystifies the underground market and brings to light how an industry can function while remaining illegal. Through growers, police officers, criminologists, economists, doctors, politicians and pop culture icons, Scorgie examines the cause and effect nature of the business – an industry that may be profiting more by being illegal. The basic point of this documentary is to present the facts about Marijuana. It focuses less on the BC market and more on the reasons why marijuana should be viewed in the same light as alcohol and tobacco. It argues for the legalization of marijuana. The argument is compelling and factual with many legititamate sources.

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Marijuana Worsens Depression in High Doses

Marihuana is a potent antidepressant in low does, but worsens symptoms in high venereal infections , granting to a new study.

THC , the active ingredient in marijuana , increases serotonin when smoked in low venereal infections , similar to SSRI antidepressant drugs, such as Prozac , according to researchers from McGill University and Le Centre de Recherche Fernand Seguin of Hpital in Quebec and l’Universit de Montral in Montreal.

But at higher social diseases , the outcome turns itself and can actually exacerbate imprint and other psychiatric conditions like psychosis.

During the study, printed in the October 24 event of The Diary of Neuroscience, science lab rats were injected with the synthetic cannabinoid WIN55,212-2 and then screened with the Forced Swim test a trial to measure imprint in creatures .


The investigators discovered an antidepressant consequence of cannabinoids and an increased action in the neurons that create 5 hydroxytryptamine. Nevertheless , increasing the cannabinoid Venus’s curse beyond a set point completely undid the benefits, said Dr. Gabriella Gobbi of McGill University and Le Centre de Recherche Fernand Seguin of Hpital Louis-H. Lafontaine.

“So we really attested a forked outcome : At blue social diseases it increases serotonin , but at higher venereal diseases the consequence is ravaging , wholly changed by reversal ,” she pronounced in a news tone ending.

The antidepressant and intoxicating results of ganjas are due to its chemical substance similarity to natural substances in the head known as “endo-cannabinoids,” which are ejected under statuses of high tension or pain , said Gobbi. They interact with the head through body structures sent for cannabinoid CB1 receptors .

The study marched that these sense organs have a direct impression on the cells getting 5 hydroxytryptamine, which is a neurotransmitter that regulates the mode , she said.

Because controlling the dosage of natural marihuana is hard peculiarly when it is smoked in the form of cannabis joints using it directly as an antidepressant drug would be hard, enunciated the research workers .

“Excessive marihuana exercise in peoples with depressive disorder positions high hazard of psychosis,” said Gobbi.

Gobbi and her fellows are concentrating their enquiry on a new class of drugs which enhance the results of the brain’s natural endo-cannabinoids.

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Danny Danko, HIGH TIMES Magazine – HIGH TIMES Presents: FREE WEED from Danny Danko

ps.klfywpnq.60x60 50 Danny Danko, HIGH TIMES Magazine   HIGH TIMES Presents: FREE WEED from Danny Danko
Danny Danko, HIGH TIMES Magazine – HIGH TIMES Presents: FREE WEED from Danny Danko

from HIGH TIMES Presents: FREE WEED from Danny Danko

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