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NORML PSA: Who Would You Rather Your Kids Talk to About Drugs?

wwbnr NORML PSA: Who Would You Rather Your Kids Talk to About Drugs?

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New PSA – Who Would You Rather Your Kids Talk to About Drugs?

Misinformation about marijuana, from programs such as DARE, distort our children’s understanding of the real world ramifications of marijuana use. It is up to the parents to have a rational conversation with their kids, educate them, and help them to make the right decisions. Legalizing marijuana demystifies the substance, moves it from the street corner to behind the counter, and creates safer communities free of uncontrolled drug violence and circulation. Please watch and share our latest public service announcement.

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Watch. Share. Educate. Legalize.

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Endorsed: NORML Supports Marijuana Legalization Initiative in Washington State

The NORML Board of Directors officially endorsed a cannabis legalization initiative at the recently concluded Annual Meeting that has qualified for the November ballot in the state of Washington.steves Endorsed: NORML Supports Marijuana Legalization Initiative in Washington State

For the next nine months national NORML and its dozen in-state chapters will provide logistical, strategic, communications and fundraising support for Initiative 502, whose co-petitioner is NORML Advisory Board member and best-selling author/TV host Rick Steves.

NORML’s staff envisages two more marijuana-related reform initiatives likely qualifying for this year’s fall ballot:

*Citizens in Colorado will likely have the opportunity to vote for a binding voter initiative that will legalize cannabis for responsible adult use, cultivation and sales.

*Citizens in Massachusetts too will likely get to send a strong reform message to the federal government this fall when they vote in a binding voter initiative that will legalize the use of cannabis for qualified patients for medical use and allow regulated retail sales.

Also, cannabis law reform advocates in numerous states are trying to join the states listed above in qualifying reform-minded initiatives on their state ballots too. Those states are:

*California (Multiple competing reform initiatives regarding legalization, i.e., ‘Regulate‘ and ‘Repeal‘; Another one for regulating medical cannabis)

*Michigan (Legalization initiative)

*Missouri (Legalization initiative)

*Montana (Legalization initiative)

*Nebraska (Legalization initiative)

It should be abundantly clear by now to federal legislators and the executive branch that while they unwisely continue to support a failed public policy like Cannabis Prohibition–when over 50% of the public now support long overdue cannabis law reforms–citizens (and an increasing number of elected policymakers) at the state level will continue to steadily increase political pressure on the federal government to capitulate on Cannabis Prohibition and embrace demonstrably more free market and Constitutional-friendly alternative public policies that actually benefit citizens and governments, and in turn, public health and safety too.

This upcoming election season will once again confirm that this political trend in cannabis law reform is  long-standing, sustainable and poised for multiple political victories at the state level in the short years to come.



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NORML Board Of Directors’ Declaration: Federal Blowback Against Medical Cannabis Must Cease

APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY BY BOARDFreedom is NORML 1 Line 300x58 NORML Board Of Directors’ Declaration: Federal Blowback Against Medical Cannabis Must Cease

At the recently concluded Annual Meeting and in conjunction with ‘National Medical Marijuana Week‘, the NORML Board of Directors condemned recent and unjustifiable federal law enforcement efforts against medical cannabis providers in America.

The Board continues to endorse the reform of cannabis laws nationally, as well as the progressive medical initiatives inaugurated and carried out in California and other states.

We remain thoroughly supportive of cannabis freedom fighters and the medical cannabis community and its citizens, whose cause is just.

Since its founding in 1970, NORML has continued to support, and has never abandoned, the righteous efforts of freedom fighters, responsible consumers, and the medical cannabis community.

We have supported decriminalization measures, medicinal users, patients’ rights, student alliances, and a wealth of progressive reformers who all share the ultimate common goal of an end to Cannabis Prohibition.

We will never back down in these efforts.

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NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Los Angeles This Weekend

NSL Screen 300x200 NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Los Angeles This Weekend

NORML SHOW LIVE streams every weekday at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern on The NORML Network, where it's 4:20 / 24 / 7 / 365

If you’re not able to attend this weekend’s HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, here at The NORML Network we’ve got the next best thing.  Tune in Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 7pm Pacific Time at http://live.norml.org for all the panels, presentations, interviews, and floor tours from LA Center Studios.

We’ll also be presenting our “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” raffles.  At every 4:20 in America – Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska, and Hawaii Time – we’ll be raffling off a prize package of NORML buttons, stickers, pins, books, DVDs, t-shirts, and backpacks for those in attendance.  (That’s 1:20pm – 6:20pm Pacific.)  For those of you watching online, follow our NORML Network Twitter feed @NORMLNet for your chance to win, too.

If you miss the live coverage, video on-demand will be available at the http://live.norml.org over the weekend and permanently at our NORML Network YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/NORMLNet.

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NORML PSA: Willie Nelson for Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition

default NORML PSA: Willie Nelson for Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition

www.norml.org – NORML Advisory Board Member Willie Nelson speaks out in support of the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011.” This legislation, if passed, would allow states the freedom to set their own marijuana laws independent of the federal government and pursue legalization.
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NORML Pro-Cannabis Law Reform Ad Contest

Win your share of 000 in prizes for your 30 or 60-second video or Flash animation in NORML’s Pro-Cannabis Law Reform Ad Contest. Use your video to answer the question, “What should President Obama do about pot?”. See norml.org for details. Contest deadline is Jan 15, 2009.

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The NORML Network provides 24-hour stream of marijuana news, education, and entertainment

Slide NORMLNet The NORML Network provides 24 hour stream of marijuana news, education, and entertainment

If you haven’t taken a moment to check out The NORML Network, you’re missing out on the internet’s only source of 24-hour live streaming news, education, and entertainment for the cannabis community.  Visit our Audio/Video department or click the graphic above to see the complete schedule.

Our network is anchored by NORML SHOW LIVE, weekdays at 7pm Eastern, the official podcast of NORML.  You’ll get today’s headlines from Cannabis Karri, a new Daily Toker Tune from a different genre every day, an interview with one of the top names in marijuana, and opinion and analysis from “Radical” Russ in the Radical Rant.  We follow that up with Toker Talk Radio, our live call-in hour and roundtable discussion.

In the afternoon, weekdays from 1pm-6pm Eastern, you’ll catch our Afternoon Video Block, featuring cultivation instruction from Jorge Cervantes TV, international activism with Cannabis Cure TV, videos from NORML and NORML Chapters in NORML’s Video Lunch, a replay of yesterday’s NORML SHOW LIVE, and clips from LEAP, SSDP, and Jodie Emery in our Marijuana Activism Show.

At night, weekdays at 9pm and 10pm Eastern, we bring you the best activist podcasts from all around the world.  Mondays feature Drug Truth Network and CannaTruth’s Reefer Rhetoric, two podcasts originating from Texas.  Tuesdays we present Marijuana Compassion & Common Sense from Inland Empire, California, and Cannabis Cure UK Podcast from England.  Wednesdays we premiere the latest HIGH TIMES Presents: Free Weed from Danny Danko out of Brooklyn, New York, and The Libra Lounge from Iowa.  Thursdays include Hot Box Podcast from Kalispell, Montana, and Hollywood Hemptress Hour from Hollywood, California.  Fridays conclude the week with Hemp Radio from Orange County, California, and THC The High Cast from Chicago, Illinois.

Late night, weekdays at 11pm Eastern, we present more live shows.  On Mondays, A Different View features a women’s roundtable on marijuana issues.  Tuesdays we get more grow tips from Weed Nerd with Subcool.  Wednesdays we jam to The Irie Island Hour‘s mix of reggae tunes.  Thursdays we turn off all the filters on The Ganja Jon Show.  We finish up Friday with NORML Rocks! with Urb Thrasher for two hours of hard-hitting rock.

You can always catch music at the top and bottom of the clock – at 6am, Noon, 6pm, and Midnight Eastern we present Daily Toker Tunes, a one-hour random mix of our best music.  These include Roots Monday (blues, jazz, folk, country), Electric Tuesday (electronic, disco, pop, new age), Irie Wednesday (reggae, ska, Latin, world), Groovin’ Thursday (rap, hip-hop, soul, funk), and Rockin’ Friday (metal, punk, jam, alt-country).

Lineups repeat overnight and into the morning.  Weekends feature replays of all the weekday’s previous shows.  For more information, check out our schedule online.  Click any show for more information, including website, downloads, and podcast subscription information.

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NORML Remembers Gatewood Galbraith

gatewoodportrait NORML Remembers Gatewood GalbraithGatewood Galbraith – a prominent Kentucky attorney, longtime cannabis activist, and perennial candidate for various state and federal offices – died in his sleep Tuesday evening as a result of complications from asthma and chronic emphysema. He was 64 years old.

[Listen to NORML SHOW LIVE's interview with Gatewood Galbraith - December 3, 2010]

Galbraith was widely known as an outspoken advocate for legalizing cannabis, particularly the non-psychoactive variety of the plant. While campaigning for public office, Galbraith typically wore suits made from hemp fiber and sometimes traveled in a station wagon fueled by hemp oil. He also formerly served on NORML’s Board of Directors.

Galbraith ran five times for governor — three times as a Democrat, once on the Reform ticket and last year as an independent. He also campaigned unsuccessfully for state agriculture commissioner, attorney general and Congress.

In 2006, Galbraith published his autobiography, “The Last Free Man in America.” He was also recently featured in the documentary film, “A NORML Life.”

Several notable state politicians – including Gov. Steve Beshear, House Speaker Greg Stumbo, and US Senator Mitch McConnell – released public statements lamenting Galbraith’s sudden passing.

Said Beshear: “(Galbraith) was a gutsy, articulate and passionate advocate who never shied away from a challenge or potential controversy. His runs for office prove he was willing to do more than just argue about the best direction for the state — he was willing to serve, and was keenly interested in discussing issues directly with our citizens. He will be missed.”

Added McConnell: “I am saddened to hear of the passing of Gatewood Galbraith. He was a truly memorable character who loved our state and its people.”

NORML Founder Keith Stroup said, “Gatewood was someone who placed a high priority on the legalization of cannabis, and firmly believed industrial hemp — including hemp based ethanol — could help save the planet. In his several campaigns for public office in Kentucky, he was fearless in his pro-hemp advocacy. He will be missed by all of us who care about legalizing marijuana.”

Adds Patrick S. McClure, a member of the NORML Legal Committee from Danville, Kentucky: “In spite of his controversial stance, he was much beloved on both sides of the aisle for his humor, his grace, and for always being the smartest guy in the room. He was funny, inspiring, and a true gift to young lawyers who were willing to listen to his bold stance against the machine, almost always given in a courtly and informed tone and tenor. Some Kentucky politicians may have gotten more votes, but none in my lifetime has been more endearing.”

Galbraith is survived by three daughters.

NORML expresses its sincere condolences to the friends and family of Gatewood Galbraith.

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NORML Women Fall Wrap-Up

Picture 2 300x60 NORML Women Fall Wrap Up

The Fall of 2011 saw a major increase in reach and support from around the country and the world. The Alliance is now active on three continents and in five countries. The Facebook page has more than 20,000 followers and reaches over 65,000 people a week. Over 15,000 supporters have signed up for our email list and almost 1,000 have signed up to volunteer.

The NORML Women’s Alliance/SSDP Sister-to-Sister program has matched almost 500 women. While the NORML Women’s Alliance is still in its infancy (the program is barely 2 years old), it is evolving quickly into an effective platform (and forum) for women to speak out and support marijuana legalization. It’s a very exciting time to be a woman in the marijuana law reform movement.

  1. 6283666993 63eeaa011d z NORML Women Fall Wrap Up


    October 26, 2011 12:45:44 PM EDT
  2. Fall 2011 Events & Fundraisers

  3. [October] Redway, CA: 707 Cannabis College Open Mic and Mixer.
  4. [October] Woodbridge, VA: Sabrina Fendrick and Brooke Napier discuss the origin and purpose of the NORML Women’s Alliance/SSDP Sister-to-Sister Program at the SSDP Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference.

  5. 310701 266033563438265 137148422993447 739443 153633220 n NORML Women Fall Wrap Up


    December 26, 2011 2:24:44 PM EST
  6. [October] AustinTX: The NORML Women’s Alliance South-West Coordinator Cheyanne Weldon partnered with Texas NORML to raise over $ 2500 for the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure.
  7. [November] Los Angeles, CA: NORML Women’s Alliance Vice Chair Kyndra Miller, SSDP Associate Director Stacia Cosner and NORML Women’s Alliance Mid-West Regional Coordinator Tonya Davis all had a major presence (including speaker roles) at the Drug Policy Alliance’s 2011 International Drug Policy Reform Conference.
  8. [November] Nashville, TN: NORML Women’s Alliance South-East Regional Coordinator (and NORML board member) Greta Gaines hosted a seminar on the benefits of hemp.
  9. [November] Los Angeles, CA: The NORML Women’s Alliance hosted a Black Comedy Night “A Cause to Laugh” at the Comedy Union, the first Black owned and operated Comedy Club in Los Angeles.  Comedian’s included Simply Cookie, Brooks Colyar and more.  Unconventional Foundation for Autism founder and director, Mieko Hester Perez was also in attendance.  We would like to thank Kandice Hawes and OC NORML for their effort in promoting this event.
  10. 376425 10150375605348107 188040138106 8510111 2002275486 n NORML Women Fall Wrap Up


    December 26, 2011 2:24:44 PM EST
  11. 320587 10150375303113107 188040138106 8509346 407652619 n NORML Women Fall Wrap Up


    December 26, 2011 2:24:00 PM EST
  12. [November] Philadelphia, PA: NORML Women’s Alliance Vice Chair Diane Fornbacher held a tri-state area meetup.
  13. [November] San Francisco, CA: NORML Board Member Richard Wolfe hosted a benefit for the NORML Women’s Alliance at his home with a private screening of “A NORML Life.”  Attendees included Lynette Shaw (Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana), Paul Armentano NORML’s Deputy Director, Ellen Komp of CA NORML, Jack Rikess of Toke of the Town, NORML Attorney Matt Kumin, actress/author Heather Donahue of the Blair Witch Project, and many others at the forefront of reform in California. Executive Producer of the film, Mr. Pitman, gave a very entertaining free form Q&A session after the screening.
  14. [December] Humboldt, CA: West Coast Coordinator Melissa Sanchez provided a presence for the NORML Women’s Alliance while Kyndra Miller spoke lead a panel on recent federal lawsuits at the 2011 Emerald Cup.
  15. [December] Canada: The community leaders started organizing in November and are moving full steam ahead.  They have already held several meetups across the country, including Toronto and Vancouver.  There is no doubt that next year they will have a major presence in Canada’s marijuana law reform movement.
  16. [December] Portland, OR: NORML Women’s Alliance representatives Anna Diaz and Madeline Martinez organized and hosted the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards at the World Famous Cannabis Cafe. Co-Vice Chair Diane Fornbacher was a featured speaker and guest.
  17. Outreach & Activism

  18. New Community Leaders and Regional Coordinators:  The NORML Women’s Alliance would like to welcome the following women who have volunteered to represent the Alliance and spread the message of reform in their local communities.

    Cara Crabb-Burnam – New England Regional Coordinator
    Melissa Sanchez – West Coast Regional Coordinator
    Alexis Wilson Briggs – San Francisco Bay Area Community Leader
    Kayla Williams and Kelly Coulter - Canada Regional Coordinators
    Kelli Dodds – Humboldt County Community Leader
    Patti Gordon – Orange County Community Leader
    Cheri Sicard – Los Angeles Community Leader

Join the NORML Women’s Alliance as a community organizer by clicking the link below:

  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • California Tour: In November of this year Diane Fornbacher, Melissa Sanchez, Sabrina Fendrick and Kyndra Miller held several outreach events as they toured California from Humboldt County to Los Angeles.

  • Media

    Re-Leaf Magazine conducted an interview with Diane Fornbacher.
    The Daily Caller notes the NORML Women’s Alliance in an article about the now infamous Miley Cyrus Birthday Video in which she declares herself a “true stoner.”
    [Podcast] A Different View: Sabrina Fendrick was interviewed by Moms for Marijuana Director Serra Frank, Iva Cunningham and others about the importance of the Women’s Alliance as well as the different efforts and projects currently being developed.
  • A Different View #8 – RadicalRuss ustre.am/:1hyuU


    December 26, 2011 4:29:11 PM EST
  • The Plain Dealer (Cleveland’s local publication) quoted Tonya Davis discussing her work with the Ohio Patient Network and the group’s effort to put a medical marijuana initiative on the 2012 ballot.
  • Upcoming Events in 2012
    **If you are interested in holding an event in your area please call 202-483-5500.
  • Support the NORML Women’s Alliance

  • If you too believe in a better and safer world, please consider donating to the NORML Women’s Alliance today. Thank you so much for your financial and moral support.
  • Women will be the deciding factor in moving public opinion towards repealing marijuana prohibition. In order to reach out to more women, and continue to build a powerful coalition, the NORML Women’s Alliance is looking to raise money to spread awareness in several different ways:

    1) PSAs and educational announcements on websites, blogs and magazines.

    2) Produce and distribute literature/educational materials about the NORML Women’s Alliance, and the negative effects of marijuana prohibition on women and families.

    3) Develop resources for our community organizers. Funding for travel, training and recruitment.

    4) Provide scholarships to send more women to NORML conferences and related conventions/festivals.

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If There Were Ever A Pro-Marijuana Video To Go Viral, This Is It


By George Rohrbacher, NORML Board of Directors, medical marijuana patient

In the decade that I’ve been on NORML’s board, I’ve worked with scores of bright, accomplished and passionate advocates for ending America’s 74-years of marijuana prohibition. Like never before, these voices are building into a chorus calling for the end of this cruel prohibition, whose penalties are suffered most by the poor, the young and people of color. This disastrous prohibition has led to the arrest of over 22 million Americans on marijuana charges since 1965.

Last week, dripping with irony, at the very same time the Obama Administration was stiffing the American public’s most popular action petition (for marijuana legalization) and was declaring all-out war on medical marijuana through the DOJ, IRS, etc., at this very same moment in history, we saw the huge verification of the success of NORML’s steady approach, the fruit of decades of work changing public opinion on subject of pot legalization. FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1969, WHEN GALLUP POLLS STARTED ASKING THE QUESTION—50% OF AMERICANS NOW BELIEVE MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL!!

Reflecting on achieving this auspicious milestone of public opinion, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell gives America the very best 4 min. on marijuana legalization we have ever heard. He asks the question, how public opinion could have grown to 50%, while support in the US Senate for legalization still stays at 0%. How, he asks, can America’s politicians, law enforcement and judges callously stand by while millions of young lives are wrecked by marijuana prohibition?

O’Donnell, formerly chief of Staff for the Senate Finance Committee, has gone toe-to-toe with the movers and shakers in government many times before. But this time, on the subject of marijuana legalization, O’Donnell does some of his finest work. With arguments as razor-sharp as a battle axe, he relentlessly chops away at the system that gives us marijuana prohibition and enforced by alcohol-sodden public officials stewing in hypocrisy. O’Donnell’s piece should be linked to all marijuana-related communications you send out in the coming year, sent to everyone on your email list, every single public official.

Please, help this piece go VIRAL, where it belongs!

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